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Introducing the new investments page

What is the Investments page?

The Investments page is a personalized view of the companies and opportunities on the EquityZen platform. Utilizing your preferences—such as the Companies on your Watchlist, deals you’ve previously invested in, and other demographic or categorical information—we are able to provide you with a curated list of companies to discover. Our goal is to provide you with the items best suited to your interests and profile while also allowing you to familiarize yourself with the pre-IPO tech space by seeing what other users on our platform are looking at.

How do I see all live deals available on the EquityZen platform?

If you wish to see all deals on the platform rather than the curated view from the Investments page, simply click the Customize Your Search button on the Investments page. This will take you to the Custom Search page, which lists everything available to you on our platform. From this page, you can also create and save searches to easily return to next time.

How does Based on Your Preferences work?

We utilize a proprietary algorithm that takes into account numerous factors, among them the companies you add to your Watchlist, related industries you’ve indicated interest in, popularity of the company and interest among all users on the platform, demographic and categorical information, risk profile, and characteristics of the companies, institutions, and sectors in the pre-IPO space. The more you use EquityZen, the better able we are to serve you with companies you may find worth exploring!

Can I save a search on EquityZen?

Yes! Simply go to the Custom Search page and filter our offerings as you see fit, and click Save Search. From there, once you’ve named your search, you’ll always be able to access it from the Custom Search page.

What do I do if I can’t find a company I am looking for?

Our Investments page has been curated to help you find the companies that you might be interested in the most based on your Watchlist and browsing history; however, if you can’t find a company you are looking for you can either try the global search bar at the top of the navigation or try the Custom Search page which lists everything available to you on our platform.

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