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How do I sell my shares on EquityZen?
How do I sell my shares on EquityZen?
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Selling shares on EquityZen: Step-by-step guide

1) Sign Up for the EquityZen Platform for free.

2) Complete a short electronic form to indicate your interest in selling, desired price, and number of shares.

You can fill out the form by visiting your Equity Holdings page and clicking the "Add Equity" button at the top of the page.

3) If there is a potential Market Opportunity, an EquityZen Private Market Specialist will reach out to discuss the transaction process.

4) EquityZen will work with its accredited investor base to source potential buyers.

5) The legal team at EquityZen will work with you and the Issuer to close the transaction.

For more information on getting started as a shareholder on EquityZen, we suggest checking out our intro blog post on creating a sales inquiry.

What are the requirements for a private company to be included in EquityZen's offerings?

Typically, our investors are looking for investments in later-stage technology companies with a profile of over $50M in VC funding from top quartile firms, Series C or later, with the objective of finding investments that may exit in the next 2-5 years.

Not all companies on the EquityZen platform will achieve an IPO or other exit, and not all exits will result in successful investments.

Can I choose what options/shares to sell?

Yes, before completing a transaction, you can choose from which grant or share certificate the shares are sold.

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