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Types of deals on EquityZen
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Exploring deal types on EquityZen

EquityZen transacts only via company-approved Share Transfers.

EquityZen offers single, multi-company, and direct share acquisition investment opportunities that are structured as follows:

Single company:

Investors get exposure to a single company through an EquityZen investment vehicle (e.g. EquityZen Growth Technology Fund - Series 123). Investors become limited partners in a vehicle that will own only the shares of a single company. The shares will be fully vested stock, not options.

Since companies are typically more likely to accept one entry on their capitalization table than several new investors, this structure improves the chances of the company approving the investment.

Express Deals:

An Express Deal is a single company fund offering in which the seller in the deal acquired their position by investing in an EquityZen fund. In other words, someone who invested through our platform is now selling the fund interest they purchased.

Please note there is no guarantee that any fund investment will be eligible for an Express Deal in the future. Likewise, there can be no guarantee that a buyer can be found.

For more information on express deals, click here.


Investors get exposure to multiple companies with just one investment through an EquityZen investment vehicle (e.g. EquityZen Growth Opportunity Fund V). Investors become limited partners in a vehicle that will itself have exposure to the shares of multiple companies.

Direct Share Acquisition:

Investors get direct share ownership and cap table access via an EquityZen brokered transaction. These investment opportunities require a higher transaction minimum and, once completed, require the investor to manage ongoing interactions with the company.

For more information on direct share acquisitions, click here.

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