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What does availability Live, Waitlist and Preview mean?
What does availability Live, Waitlist and Preview mean?
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Understanding availability status: Live, waitlist, and preview

Availability Status is Preview:

Preview offerings on EquityZen are deals where we are gauging investor interest in that company. When a company has a preview offering, you can indicate your interest in the offering. When a deal has sufficient investor interest, it becomes a live offering and starts accepting investments.

Availability Status is Live:

Live offerings on EquityZen are deals that are currently accepting investments. You can sign a term sheet to reserve an allocation in the deal. You can review offering documents of live offerings to understand the specifics of the deal, such as underlying share price and price history, valuation, revenue estimates, and a capitalization table.

Availability Status is Waitlist:

If a fund on EquityZen has been fully committed (i.e. Investors have committed to purchasing all available shares from the fund), interested investors will need to join the Waitlist to reserve a spot in the event additional shares become available OR an investor backs out of the deal.

To join the Waitlist, investors will need to sign a Term Sheet with their desired investment size.

Please note term sheets are non-binding. This means that if you sign a term sheet to be added to the Waitlist, you will not be bound to move forward should an allocation of shares become available.

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