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Can I invest with a self-directed IRA?
Can I invest with a self-directed IRA?
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Self-directed IRA investing: Your guide

Yes, EquityZen welcomes investments from self-directed IRAs and partners primarily with Alto IRA and RocketDollar. Please note we do not accept all self-directed IRAs.

You can add your Alto IRA or Rocket Dollar account as an additional profile to your EquityZen account by clicking here or by navigating to Profile Management under Account Settings and clicking Add New Profile. Then, fill out the information as follows:

Profile Type: Investor

Investment Beneficiary: Individual

Entity Type: Individual - Self Directed IRA or Individual 401 (k) plan

Investment Entity Name: Custodian Name FBO Investor Name Type # Last Five of Account Number

Example: Rocket Dollar FBO John Smith Roth IRA #12345

Personal Information: Please match information used to open your qualified account

Please note investments cannot be transferred between your Qualified Profile and Personal Profile.

For detailed information on how to set up an account with these providers, please reach out to the provider directly.

If you are not using Alto IRA or RocketDollar, please reach out before investing on EquityZen.

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