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Verifying your bank account through Stripe
Verifying your bank account through Stripe

Funding your investment can be easily done through our partnership with Stripe.

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Bank account verification: Step-by-step guide

If you are trying to make a payment, you can generally to pay by logging into your bank account through SSO.

Your bank may support micro-deposits as an alternative way to verify your bank account. With this verification method, you will manually input your account and routing number. A one-cent deposit will be made to your account which will appear on your bank statement with a unique 6-digit verification code beginning in “SM” listed in the statement descriptor.

After the micro-deposit posts to your account within 1–2 business days, Stripe will notify and prompt you to confirm the 6-digit verification code beginning in “SM” from the statement descriptor. Once confirmed, this will validate that your bank account is open and available for debits, but it will not provide data access to Stripe or EquityZen.

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